Kopie von Kaufhaus Witten Opalkette u. OhrgehängeWe sell extraordinary jewelry with precious and semiprecious stones gold and silver.  In the last few years, our main interest has been in Ethiopia with its wealth of gems, especially the beautiful opals from Wello and Mezzezo.

Besides the Ethiopian opal, we trade in nearly all possible gems, among others, we have a big stock in aquamarine, topaz, tourmaline, garnet, grossular, malachite, lapis lazuli, aventurin, nephrite, obsidian, tigereye, rosequartz, zoisit ruby, rhodolithe, fluorite, citrin, amethyst, etc both rough and cut material.

OPDIGO  is located in the gem capital of the world, Idar-Oberstein, so we have all the necessary „know-how“ in reference to cutting precious stones and diamonds.

Lately we have added a collection of carved masterpieces, both from craftshops in Idar-Oberstein and also from China, produced in the middle of the last century, when China began to remember it’s traditional roots.

Please feel free to visit our ebay shop (of course this shows only a small selection), write us at
info@opdigo.de or call 0049 (0)6781-5633093.

At OPDIGO the customer always comes first.

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