Something noteworthy:

Today is March 15th, it sounds like spring, even though the weather surely does not reflect it. But the good news is, that the two main attractions of Idar-Oberstein, the „precious stones mine“ and the „historic agate mill“  are opening  their gates again today for the season and will be open daily until November 15th. They alone are a good reason to visit Idar-Oberstein. Here are the links to get a closer look at them:

steinkaulenberg_5     weiherschleife_19

But there are more reasons for your visit, the typical „Idar-Obersteiner Spießbraten“ (a local delicacy), the church in the rocks, the castle, a nearby skywalk and much more, not to forget our little company „OPDIGO“ which is open and readly for you year round. You will not regret a visit.


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