Dear Reader,

today on Easter Monday (which is a real holiday in Germany), a few thoughts around our Easter Egg, it is well known, colorful and popular, mostly used at breakfast tables.  Not to forget the favorite chocolate eggs for the kids and the eggnog for the grownups.
Or is there more ?

Oh no, the egg is not round,  this was quickly recognized by the smart lapidaries from Idar-Oberstein and they immediately discovered that there was a market for the „collector gem-egg“, which is available nowadays in every possible stone material, color and size.

A Mr. Fabergé had a similar idea and put this unique shape in his focus. He began producing the world famous „Fabargé egg“ and used exclusively precious stones and ivory decorated with silver and gold.  It is astonishing that some  of these rare specimens (only 50 eggs were produced)  were cut in the master lapidaries of our  Idar-Oberstein and found their way from here to the royal homes around the world.

This art is experiencing a rebirth at present, young people have rediscovered these values. This special craftmanship of the „beautiful“ has enriched our dreary world that has little  imagination.  We say: finally!   This artful craft and this „know-how“, to treat and process precious stones the right way are an enrichment for every culture.

This recollection to quality and individuality of crafted products are of enormous importance, the individual treatment of the natural and precious materials create value and become part of our culture.  Any of the jewels that are produced in this manner, are unique.

Massproduction can not fulfill these claims.  It is callous, cold and emotionless – and so worthless!

Considering all this, we want to wish you a beautiful Easterweekend (or what is left of it) and hope that you will find a minute to take a look in our  OPDIGO SHOP, we have a lot of new gold rings in our assortment.