IDAR-OBERSTEIN, Shopping fever finished !!

Thousands of tourists in the the streets and shops of Idar-Oberstein – a real „craze“ –  no wonder with this abundance of shiny and glittering jewelry an all shop windows.

Jewelry, gems and minerals change owners within minutes, unbelievable, but true.

Only one thing wrong with this picture, this scenario happened in the 70s and after that it went downhill without safetyline.

Today the city can not shine any more with beautiful shops, but hope is permitted: some few but real specialists have survived. For people who are looking for valuables outside the standard, there are still highclass and original products available, especially those that have been created by masters of their art.

So it is still there, the worldwide reputation of Idar-Oberstein as the „gem capital“, if you ask one of the „insiders“ a new world will be opened up to you.


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